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RRPC Webinar: Next Steps in Developing an Advanced Resource Recovery Framework for Canada

Webinar date: Thurs. Dec. 6, 2018 

View: Draft Policy Guidance Document | Discussion Paper | Webinar Slides
In June, 2018, 150 participants at the fifth Resource Recovery Partnership Conference (RRPC) continued to shape a new approach to public policy that includes advanced resource recovery as a component of a zero waste framework. In this follow-up webinar, more than 150 people participated as Chris Lindberg, Head of the Circular Economy Unit of Environment & Climate Change Canada, and Jay Stanford, Director, Environmental Programs & Solid Waste at City of London focused discussion toward development of a policy discussion paper.

Please take time to review the webinar documents and slides. We welcome your comments and your continuing input in the Resource Recovery Partnership.


Every day those involved with resource recovery, the circular economy and sustainable materials management seek to learn more and do more to strive toward using materials to ensure outputs are recovered through mechanical recycling or advanced resource recovery and energy production.

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The current waste diversion framework leaves a gap between what can be diverted and zero waste. The Resource Recovery Partnership (RRP) collaborates with a cross section of stakeholders and strives to evolve the ‘take-make-dispose’ model to a more effective sustainable economy.

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RRP works toward a sustainable economy include international specialists in science, research, innovation and policy who are exploring new ways to evolve the economy.

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