Past Events

June 5, 2019 - Resource Recovery Partnership Webinar

Advanced Resource Recovery in Action:
Can Circular Economy,
Mechanical Recycling and
New Treatment Technologies
Merge to Achieve Zero Waste?

June 5, 2019  | 1:30 pm EST

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Advanced recovery technologies offer the ability to recover and recycle many materials commonly sent to landfill today.

These powerful technologies are being increasingly integrated in waste recovery systems around the world to boost diversion on the way to achieving zero waste and circular economy goals. We may have already reached ‘peak challenge’ in the range of materials destined for mechanical recycling.

Innovative and complex materials, that bring societal benefits and waste reduction, comprise many of today’s products and packaging that typically can’t be easily recovered in mechanical systems – at least not yet.

Some estimate that nearly 50% of the waste generated in the residential sector will remain headed for landfill disposal even after expanded recycling and organic source separation systems are implemented.

Now is the time to look at new systems and technologies to consider their potential for wider use throughout Canada!

Without moving from your office chair, you’ll find out more about developments that matter to recycling programs across the country:

1. Flexible Plastic Packaging – does it belong in a MRF?

Flexible plastic packaging (FPP) such as polyethylene films; laminates, including grocery bags; product overwraps; and similar materials like pouches are being recycled in an industry-funded operational pilot Material Recovery for the Future (MRFF) in a Pennsylvania single stream curbside program.

The project is examining the technical and economic feasibility of recycling and recovering these materials while improving the overall efficiency and quality of all plastic materials and paper sorted in a Material Recycling Facility (MRF).

Sarah Lindsay, Manager of Public Outreach for the American Chemistry Council has been instrumental in the MRFF project design and implementation since inception. Sarah will bring us up to date on the latest findings and results from this innovative and important project.

2. In the Know – 13 leading technologies that recycle new materials in programs worldwide.

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is the non-profit organization that represents companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter on the market and finance municipal curbside recycling services in Quebec.

Recently, with its French partner Citeo, ÉEQ hosted a joint meeting at a conference in France to discuss 13 prominent chemical and molecular recycling technologies within the framework of advanced resource recovery.

Pierre Benebidès, ÉEQ’s materials and market development advisor will share his insights and key findings from this conference.

Who should participate in this webinar?
If you have any interest in resource recovery systems and how they can contribute to zero waste goals, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Recyclers, academics, policy-makers, government staff – if you’re involved in the business of recycling or you’re simply interested in its future and how to chart the continuing path to zero waste, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Continuing the conversation
For the past five years, the Resource Recovery Partnership (RRP) has hosted annual and semi-annual events to bring together experts that can best contribute to achieving zero waste across Canada.

Our most recent webinar (in December 2018) asked “ Does a Sustainable Economy Include Advanced Resource and Energy Recovery?” and engaged 150 + stakeholders in the discussion. This June 5 webinar continues the conversation.

Following this, we’re planning for a full day conference in Toronto on September 19, 2019 featuring international speakers discussing policies, technologies and Cross Canada highlights of leading zero waste proponents. Mark your calendar today to join us and we’ll send your personal invitation this summer.

If you have questions or need more information, please email Fergal McDonough.

RRP’s Mission
To promote the development of sound public policy across Canada that recognizes resource recovery technologies as high valued options for the end‐of‐life use of waste resources and non‐recycled and non-composted materials and their essential role in achieving zero waste and a sustainable economy.

Dec. 6, 2018 - Resource Recovery Partnership Webinar

We encourage you to review the webinar slides and webinar documents, then provide feedback, if you haven't already:

Webinar Slides:

  • Part 1: Introduction (Joe Hruska, Canadian Plastics Industry Association on behalf of RRP) & Overview of an Advanced Framework for Resource Recovery (Jay Stanford, City of London on behalf of RRP): Part 1 slides
  • Part 2: Toward a Canada-wide Approach to Zero Plastic Waste, Chris Lindberg, Environment & Climate Change Canada: Part 2 slides
  • Part 3: Why has the City of London Embraced Resource Recovery, (Jay Stanford, City of London): Part 3 slides
  • Part 4: Highlights from the Draft Policy Guidance Document (Jay Stanford on behalf of RRP) & Next Steps (Joe Hruska on behalf of RRP): Part 4 slides

Draft Policy Guidance Document

Discussion Paper: Developing an Advanced Resource Recovery Framework for Canada

Share your views:

Please use the RRP contact form to add comments/suggestions to further ensure that the final Policy Guidance Document represents the position of the RRP and advances its mission.

In attendance:

  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal waste management policy-makers staff and elected officials
  • Academics in the resources, advanced resource recovery, and energy recovery fields
  • Brandowners and producers of consumer products and packaging
  • Environmental non-governmental organizations and related association representatives
  • Waste management consultants
  • Industry leaders in traditional and advanced waste resource management
  • All those with an interest in achieving zero waste


June 21-22, 2018 - Resource Recovery Partnership Conference

Attendance: 160+

Location: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

RRPC 2018 was the fifth conference in which international experts came together to address the critical components required in the journey towards zero waste and a sustainable economy. Each topic area and each presentation offers valuable insights toward considering next steps in building out the circular economy toward a sustainable economy.

Conference Agenda with Presentations and Videos

Opening Remarks: Video 
Carol Hochu, President & CEO, Canadian Plastics Industry Association: Presentation
Dr. Bill Anderson, Director of Admissions & Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo
Jay Stanford, Director, Environment, Fleet & Solid Waste, City of London: PresentationVideo download

Circular Economy & Sustainable Materials Management – An Integrated Approach:
Stephen Sikra, Associate Director, Procter and Gamble

Best Practices in the Adoption of Resource Recovery Strategies: Video
Dr. Bill Anderson, University of Waterloo (moderator)
Craig Foster, Principal, Craig Foster & Associates Presentation
Keith Sinfield, Director of Engineering, Renewi
Dr. Umberto Arena, Professor of Solid Waste Management & Air Pollution Control Engineering, University of Campania (Italy): Presentation

The ‘Competing?’ Philosophies of the Sustainable Economy: Video
Dr. Dan Lantz, CEO, Scout Environmental: Presentation

Sustainable Economy Debate: Video 
Dr. Dan Lantz, Scout Environmental (moderator)
Dr. Marco Castaldi, Professor, Chemical Engineering, City College of New York Director Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering, CUNY Director Earth Engineering Center:  Presentation
Dr. Franco Berruti, Chemical Engineering, Professor & Director, ICFAR, University of Western Ontario:  Presentation
Norman Lee, Director, Waste Management, Region of Peel:  Presentation
Peter Hargreave, President, Policy Integrity Inc.:  Presentation

Closing the Loop – Feedstock Challenges in a Sustainable Economy: Video
Joe Hruska, Canadian Plastics Industry Association (moderator)
John Wilkinson, Senior VP Sustainability, Greenfield:Presentation
Brian Moe, VP Operations, Agilyx: Presentation
Michael ZabenehDirector, Integrated Market Development, Canada Fibers Ltd.: Presentation

NSERC Updates: Alejandra de Almeida, Ph.D, Research PartnPresentationerships, Natural Sciences & Engineering: Research Council of Canada: PresentationVideo

Robust Technologies and Products Driving a Sustainable Economy: Video
Fergal McDonough, President, Envise Consulting Inc. (moderator)
Douglas Russell, Chief Business Development Officer, Cogent Energy Systems: Presentation
James Ewell, Senior Director, Sustainable Materials, GreenBlue: Presentation
Michael RichTechnical Advisor,REDIcan Bioenergy Co., Ltd.:  Presentation
Michael Appleby, President, REDIcan Bioenergy Co., Ltd.:  Presentation

Keynote Address – Plastics circular economy recycling & recovery goals: Video
Craig Cookson, Director, Sustainability & Recycling, American Chemistry Council:  Presentation

Charting the Path to a Sustainable Economy: Video
Jay Stanford, City of London (moderator)
Sandy Marshall, Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada:  Presentation
Lyle Clarke, President & CEO, Lyle Clarke & Associates:  Presentation
Dr. Amar Mohanty, Professor & Premier’s Research Chair in Biomaterials & Transportation, University of Guelph